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Wolf Rock Construction


We are always looking for great people to add to our team. Whether you are a seasoned firefighter or just think you might be interested in giving it a shot, we’d like to chat with you!
Minimum qualifications required to be a crew member are S130/S190 I100 L180 (basic firefighter), FEMA I200, FEMA Is700, and the Work Capacity test.

We can train you in-house or you can show us certificates and we can get you verified.

Pay is based on Federal Firefighter minimum wage determination which currently as of 1/1/2024 is basic firefighter: $30.04 per hour with $4.80 per hour benefit package. Other positions and more experienced firefighters' pay is based on experience.

Wolf Rock FIRE

In 2018 Wolf Rock Wildland Fire was formed and a decision was made to venture into Fire Contracting and we built our first type 6 engine. We are now staffing multiple engines under federal contracts New Hampshire and Montana.

Call (603) 801-9305

Wolf Rock Fire
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